Welcome to the M.R.S.A Information Center! I am glad you have “dropped in”.  Please return often and help in building this informational resource.  I believe we will abe able to gain from sharing information, and I also believe we will benefit in knowing, as the phrase goes, “we are not alone”.

Why have I created the M.R.S.A. (methicillin-resistent staphylococcus aureus) Information Center?  I suffered from a recurring M.R.S.A. infection in 2009.  As I was undergoing treatment, and seeking additional and alternative options, I had great difficulty in locating reliable and varied information about M.R.S.A. infections and how to treat them.  I think that I would have benefitted greatly if I had located a group who shared my experiences and that allowed me to benefit from the experiences, the triumphs as well as the tragedies, of others who had suffered through M.R.S.A. bacterial infections. 

I have built the M.R.S.A. Information Center as both a blog and a forum.  The blog is, of course, iabout my personal M.R.S.A. infection experiences and, if I find suitable authors, may feature guest bloggers in the future.  The forum, is intended to be a free and open community wherein you may discuss any M.R.S.A. related topic you desire.

Please maintain civility and decorum in your comments and discussions. As an attempt on my part to further that end, registration (free!) will be required to post comments and initiate topics.  Guests may always read the posts and comments but may not post comments and initiate topics.

Thank you,


M.R.S.A. Information Center Administrator and Owner

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