Thank you for reading this page to learn a little about me, my mission on the internet, and some of my other web sites.

For information about why I started this particular web site, please refer to the “Mission” page.  This “about” page will provide for you a little more about my personal background.

My name is Tom.  I live in Indiana.  I graduated from the Kelley School at Indiana University in Bloomington in 1986, where I majored in what were called “Decision Sciences” and “Operations and Systems Management”.  The exact names of the programs have changed over the years but, suffice it to say, my disciplines are heavily statistical and mathematical and computer-related in nature.  “Management Information Science” as another tag that could be attached to my education.

I worked for one of the nation’s leading direct marketers for nearly two decades in various aspects of customer service (including process improvement, quality assurance and workforce management) and in data center operations.  Local operations for that company have now closed and I live in one of the areas devastated by the recession.

Although my education was in business and my work experience was primarily in customer service, I was never really a “pea” cut out for that “pod”.  I found the environment stifling to creativity, and too rife with politics, favoritism, nepotism, sycophantism, and many other “-isms” that were not agreeable to my character.

It is my hope that I can begin a new career in providing informational resources.  The internet is a wonderful place in many ways, but it is also a confusing place.  I am developing several web site with various and diverse purposes.  Most of these sites have a blog and a forum.

I hope for the forums to be used as meeting places where we may gather to share information and insights and support into the various subjects.  While we need to consult “experts” in the specific cases of most subjects, the sum-total of the experience of the common man provides a source of wisdom that cannot be overlooked as a resource… often in helping us to locate the “expert” that we need to consult.  These forums may be used as the users see fit.  I welcome your input into any of them as long as you are willing to register (free!).

The M.R.S.A. Information Center (http://www.mrsainformationcenter.com) is a resource for those who are dealing with the frustration of M.R.S.A. infections.

The Indiana Business Center (http://www.indianabusinesscenter.com) is intended to be a resource for Indiana business and employees.  I think this forum may be especially useful to small businesses as a place where they may seek advice from others who may have dealt with  similar situations and circumstances.  I hope also that it will become a place where new contacts can be made, whether from potential joint venturers, business partners or even employers and employees.

Hope for Man (http://www.hopeforman.com) is a web site where I have displayed some of the creative writing I have done in my life.  My writing ranges from love and epic poetry to short stories and science fictional imaginings.  Most of my creative writings were written while I was an “innocent” in college.  I had a great deal more hope for the future then than now seems to have been merited.  I do often wonder, however, whether we could regain a more hopeful future by returning to that more hopeful mindset.

Controversies and conspiracies (http:www.controversiesandconspiracies.com) is a novel approach to subjects that seem to occupy much time for many.  In these forums, we may discuss anything that gains a “fancy” in our imaginations, whether it is in the realm of government, sports, the weather, religion or anything else that you feel needs to “go under the microscope” for investigation.

2012 Third Party (http://www.2012thirdparty.com) is my idea for the home of a movement for which the time has arrived.  I believe that both major parties in the United States of America are too beholden to special interest groups to act on behalf of, and in the best interests of, the American People.

Internet Markets 101 (http://www.internetmarkets101.com) is an idea that I had, at one time, to become an internet marketing “guru”.  After I developed the M.R.S.A. infection, my outlook on what I should be doing in life changed and so I therefore never did a tremendous amount of work on the concept.  I determined that helping people was a better goal than selling products that can be bought on a thousand different but similar web sites.  Internet markets 101 does contain a list of free software, however, that may prove useful for your perusal.  If you have not investigated the world of free software, you will be amazed at the amount of high quality, extremely useful software that exists.

How to Marry a Man (http://www.howtomarryaman.com) is similar to Internet Markets 101 in that it is a concept I have not developed fully at this point.  The basic idea is that most persons who provide advice to women on finding the right man are women.  Wouldn’t you think a man would have more insights on men than a woman?  Being a man, my idea was to provide help to women in understanding men and how men think.  If I could further this understanding, I would be helping both sexes to live healthier and happier lives.

Thank you for your interest.  I hope you enjoy your visit to my universe.


You may contact Tom at: sansifer@mrsainformationcenter.com

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