I developed my first Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in August 2009.  Throughout the time during which I had acute MRSA infections, the difficulty in locating extensive, consistent, and authoritative information was nearly as frustrating as were the MRSA infections themselves.

As a result of the period of uncertainty and frustration that followed as the infections returned again and again, my mission and purpose in starting this website is that I hope I will be able to assist in making the battle against MRSA infections an easier,  quicker and more successful one for others who have the misfortune of dealing with its frustrations.

I am not a doctor.  I am not a healthcare practitioner of any sort.  But I did do considerable research concerning M.R.S.A. infections during and after the period during which I had active infections.

Please note that before you begin any type of treatment for M.R.S.A. mentioned by me or by anyone else on this blog, or in the forums, or anywhere else on this website (or anywhere else on the internet or in any resource whatsoever, for that matter), you should always consult your physician.

Please help me to make the M.R.S.A. information center a great resource, by following these guidelines:

1.)  When making suggestions or statements concerning treatment options, please provide as much reference information as you are able to provide.  Please use scientific and medical references when possible.

2.)  Please do not use this site to market your own products or products for which you are an affiliate.  (From time to time, I may refer to products as an affiliate myself, as a means of helping to pay for web hosting.  If I do make such referrals, they will be for products that I either have used or have researched and believe will provide value to the members of this community.)

3.)  Please maintain a friendly, courteous, helpful, and cooperative atmosphere.

4.)  Please refer to the disclaimer topic for important information.

Thank you.

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